The Arms and Crest of James Allister Odd, 19th Lord of Hasley

The Current Steward of the Lordship of Hasley The Hon. James Allister Odd

The Hon. Dr. James Allister Odd, 19th Lord of Hasley, KStG, was granted the noble title by legal instrument and deed on the 31st of January, 2023. This honour, declared in the Official Public Record of His Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO) under the NFRA Reg. No. H1223210-21, was bestowed in recognition of his services rendered to the public that greatly benefitted society.

Dr. Odd, an academic and investigative professional, resides in the Northwest of the United States with his wife, Clarity Rose Odd, the Lady of Hasley, and his two children. Lady Hasley is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. Dr. Odd is a distinguished combat veteran, decorated with multiple commendations for acts of valor and meritorious service to the country. Following his honourable discharge, and as a service-disabled veteran himself, Dr. Odd has tirelessly championed the cause of disabled veterans on an international scale. His advocacy extends beyond national allegiances, embracing those who have served irrespective of their affiliation in the theatre of conflict.

Lord Hasley while training for deployment.
Restored Photo of Amos Odd, Sons, and Bat-Makers (1883)
Montagu Odd in his Surrey workshop circa 1909.

The genealogical heritage of Dr. Odd is indelibly intertwined with the rich historical tapestry of Buckinghamshire County. His ancestral lineage, distinguished in name and deed, can be traced back to Surrey. It was there that Montagu and Gilbert Odd not only transformed the sport of cricket but also secured a patent for their revolutionary cricket bat design in 1880. This pivotal innovation was accomplished in concert with Duke and Sons, a venerable establishment with origins dating back to 1760.

Dr. Odd is the owner and director of Montagu Odd & Sons, a hand-crafted Cricket Bat and Ball manufacturer established by Amos Odd in 1854, which has stayed with the family since its inception. Dr. Odd is also a published author on the subject of Cricket.

On the maternal front, Dr. Odd’s lineage boasts an equally remarkable pedigree. It traces back to eminent historical figures such as Bishop William Rede, the Lord of Amberley Castle, who was instrumental in the construction of the magnificent Chichester Cathedral. Furthermore, Dr. Odd is directly descended from Sir Robert Rede, the esteemed Chief Justice of the Common Pleas and a philanthropic benefactor of Cambridge University.

Adding to the lineage’s illustriousness, Dr. Odd is a direct relative of Sir Robert Heneage, who had the distinct honour of being Queen Elizabeth I’s favoured courtier. Historically, the family’s primogeniture line of succession was graced with a plethora of noble titles, including but not limited to the Earl of Lydford, Viscount of Mensbach, Baron of Lincolnshire, and Baron of Somerset. Unfortunately, these titles were rescinded by the Crown in the mid-18th century when the Odd/Read lineage lent their support to the American colonies in their pursuit of independence.

At the present juncture, the esteemed family House of Odd/Read, a cadet branch of the House of Lorraine (Haus Lothringen) and Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Haus Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha), holds with great honor a distinguished array of titles of Nobility from both British and European traditions. These include the Count of Valais, the Baron of Carrighmain, the Lordship of the Barony of Burford, Lordship of the Barony of Radcliff, and the Lordship of the Barony of Hasley/Thornton. Each title is borne with a deep sense of familial duty and an enduring commitment to the historic traditions and responsibilities these esteemed positions entail.

The Hon. James Allister Odd; Oil on Canvas, Samuel Hoskins, 2023
The Hon. James Allister Odd; Oil on Canvas, Samuel Hoskins, 2023
BURKE'S PEERAGE 1899, Page 1221 showing the Read Baronets
BURKE'S PEERAGE 1899, Page 1221 showing the Read Baronets

Dr. Odd is also heir to two current Barons within the Peerage of England and is an heir to an English Baronetage. He currently holds family titles of the 9th Count of Valais and the 11th Baron of Carrighmain through primogeniture. He has been conferred with knighthoods in the chivalric Valiant Order of Saint George (KStG), whose royal matron is Anne, Princess Royal, and the French Ordre National du Mérite. With a genealogical heritage extending back to the Anglo-Saxon House of Wessex, Dr. Odd is a worthy custodian of the hereditary title of Lord of the Barony of Hasley.

In accordance with United States tradition and law, Dr. Odd refrains from using his titles of nobility in daily life, reserving them for his charitable and educational pursuits.

As Lord and Lady of Hasley, the couple’s duties include holding a seat within the British Hasley Manor Trust, selecting the recipients of the Lord’s Scholars Grants, and preserving the dignity and social stature of their esteemed title.

Written by Otto Day at the behest of the Trust