The Lord's Scholars Grant Program

In 1954 the idea of a Trust that saw to the perpetuation and propagation of the history and impact of Hasley Manor was conceived. One of Henry Harris’ (18th Lord of Hasley) wishes after selling the Manor was to see that the Lordship continued to have a positive impact as a noble steward of the area. The Trust did not foresee that it would be without a Lord for nearly 70 years. The Trust administered the scholarship fund every year, but we are now glad to have the Lord of Hasley again overseeing the program, as was intended.

The Lord’s Scholars Grant Program is a funding initiative to support education, historical research, and the arts. The program offers three separate grants, each with its specific focus. The first grant is worth £20,000 and is intended for educational purposes. The second grant, worth £10,000, is for those conducting historical research. Finally, the third grant, worth £10,000, is for individuals and organizations in the arts sector.

These awards are granted annually, and past recipients are eligible to reapply.

The Lord and Lady of Hasley are responsible for choosing each recipient based on the merits of the prepared applicant proposal in a process that removes demographic data.

To ensure a fair and transparent process, applicants must approach their schools or community arts associations to apply for the grants. This approach protects the applicants’ personal information and helps maintain a bias-free selection process. These grants provide valuable financial support to those pursuing these fields and help to encourage growth and development in these critical areas. Ask your advisor about the Lord’s Scholars Grant.


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